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David Browne managed my complex case with professionalism and open communication. He listened and responded to my concerns with patience and respect.  I felt completely supported by him through regular updates and honest dialogue about the likely realistic outcome of my case. David treated me as a team member in my case and was vigilant about making sure I felt comfortable with each step of the negotiation process before moving forward. I highly recommend Browne Labor Law.

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Who Browne Employment Lawyers represent

Browne Employment Lawyers employment and civil rights team represents employees, tenants, and individuals who have been discriminated against, harassed, or retaliated against because of their race, gender, disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, age, or other protected characteristic. We also represent victims of police misconduct and other victims of civil rights violations.

If Browne Employment Lawyers can take my case, how much does it cost?

Consultations with our firm are free; if we can help you, we do not charge up-front costs or fees. We are contingency fee civil rights lawyers, meaning that you don’t have to pay us if we don’t win. If we win, you pay us a percentage of your recovery. Contact our San Diego sexual harassment attorneys today.

Does Browne Employment Lawyers represent employers, landlords, or the police?

No. Our employment and civil rights lawyers only represent employees, tenants, victims of police brutality or police misconduct, or other victims of civil rights violations. We do not represent employers, landlords, property owners, or police officers accused of civil rights violations. However, founder David Browne began his career working for an employment law firm that represented employees and employers. Senior attorney Stephanie Baker also has experience representing Defendants. We believe that our attorneys’ collective experiences have given us invaluable experience for how to best approach to each of our cases.

What can I expect if I contact Browne Employment Lawyers?

Our employment lawyers pride themselves on good communication, honesty, and aggressive advocacy. From the moment you contact our law firm, our goal is for you to feel like you are being listened to. If a lawyer is not immediately available, one of our attorneys will review your situation as soon as possible. Consultations with our San Diego race discrimination lawyers are free; if we can help you, we do not charge up-front costs or fees. If we cannot take your case, we do our best to provide you with a resource that may help you with your situation. While we cannot help every potential client who contacts our law firm, we try our best to ensure that you have a resource or advice to help you move forward. Above all, we try to provide you with fast and honest feedback about your situation.

What information does Browne Employment Lawyers need to evaluate my case?

We can start learning about your situation via a phone consultation, email, or text. We may not need anything else to determine whether or not we can help. While not required for an initial consultation, it is helpful to prepare:

  • The specific facts and any records about the incident(s);
  • The names and contact information of any witnesses (if known); and
  • Copies of any documents or other evidence related to your situation

Please note that we understand that some cases may not have witnesses or documents. While those things can be helpful, they are not required. We understand that everyone’s situation is unique. Contact our San Diego retaliation attorneys today to get started.

If Browne Employment Lawyers takes my case, what can I expect?

If we can help and you ultimately decide to work with us, we take that responsibility seriously. From the beginning of your case until its conclusion, our San Diego wrongful termination attorneys will communicate with you about each step, listen to you, advise you, and help make sure that everyone is prepared. We pride ourselves on being good teammates with each other and with our clients. If you want to talk to us at any step of the process, we are here for you.

What results or settlement can I expect if Browne Employment Lawyers takes my case?

We cannot guarantee results in any of our cases. With any legal matter, there is always a chance that the case will not be successful no matter which firm you decide to hire. However, we believe that our clients have been happy with our work. For more information, see our results page or contact our San Diego employment law attorneys.

Where can I find reviews for Browne Employment Lawyers?

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Free consultation by a lawyer. If we can take your case, there are no upfront costs or fees.

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